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Individualized care

Like in human medicine, “one-size-fits-all” healthcare solutions don’t always work for every pet. The pets in this study will help scientists analyze what triggers pets’ illness, so they can spot it before it strikes. Scientists will also learn how cats and dogs eat, sleep, play, and behave throughout all stages of their lives. These insights can help our teams across Mars Petcare create individualized diets and improve preventive care. This is what our Purpose is all about: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS.

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Prevention is key

Health experts around the world agree prevention is key to improving the wellbeing and quality of life of humans and animals alike. Our best friends can’t tell us when they start to feel ill, so discovering early signs of illness will allow us to understand how pets of all ages can stay healthy and happy for as long as possible.


An exciting new way to keep future generations of pets healthy and happy

This project aims to be the largest, most comprehensive real-world study of its kind: we’re planning to enroll up to 20,000 pets (10,000 dogs and 10,000 cats). By studying such a large number of pets, we aim to find ways to prevent or predict rare conditions.

The power of our large-scale study

The more pets enrolled, the more illnesses we can understand

The more pets enrolled,
the more illnesses we
can understand

Thanks to the MARS PETCARE BIOBANK™, we aim to be able to understand pets’ health over time. This study can make a positive impact on future generations of dogs and cats by enabling us to detect potential health issues before they happen - and predict pets’ risk of developing diseases in the future.



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What is a biobank?

Biobanks are repositories where biological samples, images, and other data are stored. The amount of information gathered in these repositories makes scientific investigations possible on a much larger scale than ever before. Samples may be collected from the same individual at different times. This type of data can generate new insights by tracking changes over time in both healthy pets and those that develop illnesses.

Why is this study different?

What sets the MARS PETCARE BIOBANK™ apart from other pet biobanks is that we welcome dogs and cats of all breeds and breed makeups. Existing pet biobanks often study certain breeds or diseases, which is why our study has the potential to transform pet care for all dogs and cats in the future.

Veterinarians, scientists, and data scientists across Mars Petcare teamed up to bring this project to life:

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Mars Petcare

Antech Diagnostics

As North America’s largest veterinary reference laboratory network, Antech is excited to be playing a key role in the development and execution of the MARS PETCARE BIOBANK™ initiative. Antech is building a facility in Indianapolis that will be the central hub handling all of the logistics for this study. They will collect the pet samples from the hospitals, store them, run tests, working closely with Mars veterinarians and researchers at Waltham Petcare Science Institute and Kinship Partners.

Visit the Antech Diagnostics Site >


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Mars Petcare

Banfield™ Pet Hospital

Banfield™ Pet Hospital is thrilled to be partnering with Mars Petcare to develop North America’s largest dog and cat biobank. The practice is enrolling pets in select hospitals across the U.S. with the goal of moving veterinary medicine forward by discovering new biomarkers of disease and developing new diagnostics and therapies to keep pets healthy.

Visit the Banfield Pet Hospital Site >


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Mars Petcare

BLUEPEARL™ Specialty & Emergency Pet Hospital

BluePearl Pet Hospital is excited to partner with Mars Petcare to enroll canines in what will be North America’s largest dog (and cat) biobank. Through the Mars Petcare Biobank Initiative, BluePearl Associates and their canine companions will help develop future diagnostic, health monitoring, and disease targeting tools — all to keep pets happy and healthy.

Visit the BluePearl Site >


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Mars Petcare

Kinship Partners, Inc.

Kinship - a coalition of brands, teams, and partners in the digital pet care space - is contributing WHISTLE™ Activity Monitors and WISDOM PANEL™ genetic tests to the MARS PETCARE BIOBANK™. Through these technologies, researchers will be able to monitor pets’ daily activities and behaviors over long periods of time and get genetic and breed-related insights to better understand how genetics impacts the health of cats and dogs.

Visit the Kinship Brand Site >


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Mars Petcare

VCA™ Animal Hospital

VCA™ Animal Hospitals’ clinical studies team has played a key role in designing this study. VCA will also have a leading role in enrolling regular clients’ pets in this initiative and will help veterinary teams at Banfield™ Pet Hospital and BLUEPEARL™ Emergency Pet Hospital team up with their regular clients and blood donor clients to encourage enrollment.

Visit the VCA Animal Hospitals Site >


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Mars Petcare

Waltham Petcare Science Institute

Our mission is to improve pet health and wellbeing needs through science. Using the health data collected by the MARS PETCARE BIOBANK™, scientists at our Institute will be able to answer important research questions faster.  That’s how they will discover causes of illness, and develop ways to predict or avoid disease and understand how to keep pets healthier for longer.

Visit the Waltham Petcare Science Institute Site >


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Mars Petcare


The WHISTLE™ brand is the pet-tech brand born out of a love for pets. We’re the market leader in innovation with Whistle™  3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor — the most-reliable, all-in-one, pet-tracking device.

Visit the Whistle Brand Site >


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Mars Petcare


The Wisdom Panel™ brand products - Canine DNA Tests -  are the most comprehensive breed-identification DNA tests for dogs on the market. Our mission is to facilitate responsible pet care by enhancing the well-being and relationship between pets and caretakers through valuable insights into pets as individuals.

Visit the Wisdom Panel Site (U.S.) >


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Royal Canin

Royal Canin